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We are a Virtual Meeting Creation company based in London & Glasgow and working globally.

We allow your staff and external visitors to engage with you Virtually without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.

We can capture or recreate your company’s meeting rooms, demonstration areas or even external live projects, allowing internal and external stakeholders to visit, inspect and discuss these from any location in the world.

Inside your photo-realistic virtual reality environments you and your guests can view and interact with accurate 3D models, components and products. We can even transport them into lice streamed 360 degree video environments for remote site inspections and progress viewings.

All activities can be recorded and revisited, making these environments perfect not only for meetings but also immersive training, stakeholder engagement.

Learn what your company can achieve with our immersive meeting and training environments…


Our Latest Virtual Meetings Work

Clockwork hub / meeting area


The Situation: Clockwise Offices required a means of promoting and familiarising potential customers with their new flexible office space, despite being located on the Fourth…
RPC BPI reception and entrance


The Situation: Plastics company RPC BPI had grown to encompass a number of new locations and disciplines and needed to familiarise new staff with each…
Doosan Babcock virtual meeting area

Doosan Babcock

The Situation: Doosan Babcock required a space where stakeholders from many countries could meet, speak and explore different locations without the expense, time and travel…

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