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The world of corporate communication is changing rapidly.

With companies’ ever expanding geographical footprints driving increasing need for communication with internal and external stakeholders all over the world, plus higher staff turnovers necessitating ever more rapid training needs; the modern business world need fast, effective communication solutions that are free from the limitations of distance and travel.

Fortunately the advent of high speed internet connections and realistic immersive digital environments allow all of these challenges to be met in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions.


Staff Inductions

For staff induction training, your buildings can be recreated virtually to allow new employees to familiarise themselves with the layout and location of specific colleagues, facilities and emergency exits. The real world building can also be equipped with digital information tags allowing new staff to call up detailed information based on the specific location or object they are nearest to, suing only a mobile phone.

Travel Free


Stakeholders both internal and external to the organisation can also join each other from anywhere in the world in multi person virtual meeting rooms to speak, observe and interact with new products, concepts and locations as if they were there in person.

From there delegates can be virtually “teleported” to live streamed or pre recorded 360 videos of sites and locations anywhere in the world.

With full immersion and freedom to move around these environments, trainer and guides can even import virtual components and meeting tools such as digital whiteboards.

Delegates can view and interact with each other throughout via their own personal “avatar”, which can be equipped with live hand gestures and facial expressions,allowing for more comprehensive communication.

All such meetings, site visits, interactions and discoveries are recorded and can be returned to by participants and other stakeholders at a later date to ensure accurate communication without loss of detail.

And best of all, all this can be achieved without the financial and time costs, risks and carbon emissions of conventional corporate travel.

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Virtual Reality

Working across both internal and external communications Oncor provide a range of VR solutions which can be viewed across a range of devices from laptops, desktops and mobile phones to full Virtual Reality headsets, so no one is left out.

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Augmented Reality

In this way passive media becomes active, encouraging views, increasing engagement and allowing the viewer to embark on an interactive journey through your brand, your message and your story – from initial view to purchase.

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3D Modelling

We create photo-realistic models for retail, property, construction and engineering. We can build highly accurate models of interiors and exteriors from 2D artists representations, architectural drawings or CAD files.

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3D Scanning

We can capture and recreate built environment models for construction, engineering and the energy sectors. We can scan and recreate highly accurate models of existing interiors and exteriors from the ground and the air.

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Virtual Meetings

We allow your staff and external visitors to engage with you Virtually without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.



Plastics company RPC BPI had grown to encompass a number of new locations and disciplines and needed to familiarise new staff with each other’s roles, responsibilities and locations.

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