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Commercial communications, particularly digital marketing, has seen a sea change in the way
information is shared between vendors and customers. However there are still areas where the
advantages of speed, connection and quantifiability have not been effectively leveraged.



Outdoor advertising can now be personalised to the user, made more engaging, connected directly with purchasing portals, and the whole interaction, from location of first contact to lifetime value of customers generates, can be tracked and analysed to inform and refine future campaigns.

Experiential marketing can now be leveraged from anywhere and to anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and visitors can explore your hotel, your show home, your amusement park or your shopping mall virtually before they even set foot in physically – dramatically increasing their drive to visit in person.



3D Models of products, retail, domestic and real world use case environments allow: Trackable customer interaction with products, advertisements and environments from anywhere in the world.

With photo realistic 3D scanning and modelling, online consumers can really interact with products, not just seeing a still photo or even a video, but viewing goods in incredible detail and, just as importantly, in appropriate contexts.

With scanning and modelling of retail interiors, domestic interiors for real estate, even mountainsides for outdoor wear or cocktail bars for fashion accessories, goods can be seen and explored in appropriate contexts.

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Virtual Reality

Working across both internal and external communications Oncor provide a range of VR solutions which can be viewed across a range of devices from laptops, desktops and mobile phones to full Virtual Reality headsets, so no one is left out.

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Augmented Reality

In this way passive media becomes active, encouraging views, increasing engagement and allowing the viewer to embark on an interactive journey through your brand, your message and your story – from initial view to purchase.

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3D Modelling

We create photo-realistic models for retail, property, construction and engineering. We can build highly accurate models of interiors and exteriors from 2D artists representations, architectural drawings or CAD files.

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3D Scanning

We can capture and recreate built environment models for construction, engineering and the energy sectors. We can scan and recreate highly accurate models of existing interiors and exteriors from the ground and the air.

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Virtual Meetings

We allow your staff and external visitors to engage with you Virtually without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.



Clockwise Offices required a means of promoting and familiarising potential customers with their new flexible office space, despite being located on the Fourth Floor in a slightly difficult to find location.

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Based in London and Glasgow, Oncor Reality provides realistic, trackable product and venue immersion solutions for commercial enterprises over the globe.

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