Virtual Reality Remote Meetings and Site Inspections

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Now the costs, time and risks of travelling to remote locations for meetings and site inspections can be a thing of the past.

First watch this video for an explanation of how we can allow your staff and stakeholders to visit and meet in any of your locations worldwide without any need for travel.

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Multi Location Communication

When you have multiple diverse teams working on a project, enabling them to come together to share feedback and ideas can be crucial to the project’s success.

However, one of the biggest challenges and costs is in getting everyone to the same physical place for site visits, progress reports and inspections.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

This is why, in collaboration with Doosan Babcock, Oncor developed the approach of combining high-resolution laser scans and photographs of our clients’ premises to develop fully explorable and interactive 3D environments .

These spaces space then became online hubs where multiple users could explore and talk to each other, while interacting with live video screens, presentations and 3D models.

This enabled users to collectively view, discuss and collaborate on projects just as if they were in a real, onsite meeting room, but without having to leave their own offices.

Live Virtual Site Inspections

Better still, we placed “Teleporters” in each meeting space, allowing users to be transported to other locations where they can look around either a pre-recorded 360-degree video or photograph, or even view a live feed from a 360 camera and a remote location.

Using this approach teams could tour multiple locations anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes, with each session able to be recorded enabling users to replay it as part of a review process or training program.

No Specialist Equipment Required

We have ensured that high-end computer hardware is not required to access these spaces, enabling users with standard smartphones, tablets and laptops to join the conversations .

With this technology our clients can reduce or eliminate their need to organize complicated time-consuming and potentially hazardous site visits. 

Dramatic Savings and Efficiencies

This has allowed significant cost savings including reductions in travel expenses, insurance and expensive safety training for hazardous settings or offshore environments.

This is not to mention the reduced carbon footprint for companies adopting this approach as they enjoy huge reductions in unnecessary travel emissions.

Improved Communications

By allowing teams across countries, continents and cultures to get talking, sharing, collaborating and generating new ideas and solutions, companies using this approach enjoy collaborative benefits that that traditional email and skype simply do not provide.

To learn how you can benefit from this technology in your industry contact us by email or call us at 0141 370 3096 to learn more.

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