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The energy market is changing rapidly. From the economic and legislative challenges facing conventional oil and gas, to the new opportunities and challenges of scaling facing renewables.

With digital modelling, assessment and remote inspection solutions, many of these challenges can be drastically reduced.

Using internal and external scanning devices, facilities and infrastructure can be captured digitally and recreated in minute detail anywhere in the world.



And with immersive viewing technologies, stakeholders from anywhere in the world can view, communicate and collaborative in the construction process – from pre-planning to progress reports, and from site inspection to maintenance assessments. 

Up to date models can be instantly shared with related authorities, departments and disciplines – including grid, environment and local area stakeholders.

Surveys, measurements, condition assessments and installation planning can be carried out from anywhere in the world, internally, externally, from the ground and from the air.

The time and cost savings against traditional onsite surveying are significant, and the resulting project efficiencies undeniable.



By viewing hazardous or difficult to reach locations remotely, visitor safety concerns are significantly reduced, and with them the costs of safety training, insurance and claims.

Workers can be pre-trained in immersive, photo-realistic simulations of hazardous environments and situations, preparing them in safety for real world challenges.

Furthermore, by capturing accurate onsite data such as height, elevation, orientation and topography, renewable energy solutions can be planned out pre-assessed for energy generation capability and adapted and optimised in minute detail prior to any project taking place.

That same scanning and modelling technology can be used for detailed remote maintenance and condition assessments, allowing specialists to efficiently monitor equipment at volume from a single centralised location.

The challenges of coordinating at a distance, workers operating at height and in hazardous conditions can be reduced or removed entirely.

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Virtual Reality

Working across both internal and external communications Oncor provide a range of VR solutions which can be viewed across a range of devices from laptops, desktops and mobile phones to full Virtual Reality headsets, so no one is left out.

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Augmented Reality

In this way passive media becomes active, encouraging views, increasing engagement and allowing the viewer to embark on an interactive journey through your brand, your message and your story – from initial view to purchase.

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3D Modelling

We create photo-realistic models for retail, property, construction and engineering. We can build highly accurate models of interiors and exteriors from 2D artists representations, architectural drawings or CAD files.

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3D Scanning

We can capture and recreate built environment models for construction, engineering and the energy sectors. We can scan and recreate highly accurate models of existing interiors and exteriors from the ground and the air.

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Virtual Meetings

We allow your staff and external visitors to engage with you Virtually without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.


Integrated Energy Systems

Integrated Energy Systems required planning for solar panel installation and a roof condition assessment without the need for cranes, scaffolding or other elevated work platforms.

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