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3d Modelling

We are a 3D Modelling company based in London & Glasgow and covering the whole of the British Isles.

We create photo-realistic models for retail, property, construction and engineering.

We can build highly accurate models of interiors and exteriors from 2D artists representations, architectural drawings or CAD files.

The detail of these models is such that they can be used for marketing, BIM planning, visualisation and stakeholder engagement. We can even 3D print our models in a side variety of materials including metals.

With our highly experienced and talented team of 3D modellers we can create your projects and premises as photo-realistic 3D, providing accurate CGI images, animated walkthroughs and interactive VR experiences of your project.

Your digital model can then be modified, adding or demolishing areas as you see fit and giving you total control over your digital models.

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Our Latest 3D Modelling work

Clockwork hub / meeting area


The Situation: Clockwise Offices required a means of promoting and familiarising potential customers with their new flexible office space, despite being located on the Fourth…
RPC BPI reception and entrance


The Situation: Plastics company RPC BPI had grown to encompass a number of new locations and disciplines and needed to familiarise new staff with each…
Doosan Babcock virtual meeting area

Doosan Babcock

The Situation: Doosan Babcock required a space where stakeholders from many countries could meet, speak and explore different locations without the expense, time and travel…

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