Doosan Babcock

The Situation:

Doosan Babcock required a space where stakeholders from many countries could meet, speak and explore different locations without the expense, time and travel requirements of doing so in person.

The Solution:

Oncor Reality were able to scan Doosan’s main UK headquarters’ meeting space, creating a multi-user virtual reality environment where users from anywhere in the world could log in and explore, view live videos, importing and interacting with 3D virtual objects and communicating with each other in real time.

The scanning took less than half a day and created minimal disruption to the workspace.

The Result:

In a short time Doosan Babcock and its stakeholders had access to a photorealistic virtual reality environment which could virtually “Teleport” its users to anywhere in the world where a 360 camera had been set up. This enabled live site inspections, live multi user conferences and meetings, and visits to potentially hazardous or unreachable environments without travel, emissions, insurance or specialist training.

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