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Oncor’s Award Winning VR services deliver your company’s message to its ideal audience. We use stunning visual media and cutting edge communication methods to totally engage your viewers

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3D Modelling, Scanning and Viewing solutions enable: Remote Site Inspections, Planning, Power Generation Assessments, Feasibility Studies and even Virtual Onsite Meetings and Safety Training.



Aerial and Ground Level scanning and 3D modelling enable: BIM, Internal Planning Walkthroughs, External construction and retrofit planning, also creating high quality CGI stills and Floorplans.



Photo-realistic recreations of real world objects and environments enable: Live, multi user training environments, safe practical training, familiarisation and assessment even for hazardous settings.



3D Scanned representations of the workplace enable: Multi user virtual meeting rooms, office layout models for remote staff familiarisation, and real world directions to office departments, equipment and emergency exits.



3D Models of products, retail, domestic and real world use case environments allow: Trackable customer interaction with products, advertisements and environments from anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Reality

Working across both internal and external communications Oncor provide a range of VR solutions which can be viewed across a range of devices from laptops, desktops and mobile phones to full Virtual Reality headsets, so no one is left out.

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Augmented Reality

In this way passive media becomes active, encouraging views, increasing engagement and allowing the viewer to embark on an interactive journey through your brand, your message and your story – from initial view to purchase.

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3D Modelling

We create photo-realistic models for retail, property, construction and engineering. We can build highly accurate models of interiors and exteriors from 2D artists representations, architectural drawings or CAD files.

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3D Scanning

We can capture and recreate built environment models for construction, engineering and the energy sectors. We can scan and recreate highly accurate models of existing interiors and exteriors from the ground and the air.

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Virtual Meetings

We allow your staff and external visitors to engage with you Virtually without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.


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