The Situation:

Plastics company RPC BPI had grown to encompass a number of new locations and disciplines and needed to familiarise new staff with each other’s roles, responsibilities and locations.

The Solution:

Oncor Reality 3D Scanned and modelled various locations including RPC BPI’s head office. We also videoed the staff there and global CEO – all of this was carried out in a single day causing minimum disruption to normal onsite operations.

The Result:

Within a week RPC BPI had a photorealistic 3D walkthrough of their head office where visitors from anywhere in the company could explore freely on any device, clicking on staff to see and read who they were, their job description, contact details and even their hobbies and interests.

This was made a part of the company’s global intranet system and is accessed regularly by new and existing staff from all over the world.

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