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Oncor Video is the result of a collaboration between experts in the field of Video production, 3D Animation, Online Marketing & Consumer Psychology.

Our team is comprised of award winning film-makers, 3D visual effects experts and international sales specialists as well as digital & marketing specialists who have worked with the likes of Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

We have ensured that every member of our award winning team are experienced business people, with direct client side and delivery side experience.

This means we see things from your perspective, tailoring everything we do to generating tangible, bottom line results for your business.

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Oncor comprises of a multi award winning team of dedicated industry specialists. Whether you want cutting edge visual effects, results generating digital marketing or breathtaking film making, we have the skills you need.

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David Sime


David has been working in online audio visual marketing for over 17 years, he lectures on the subject for Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has led Digital Marketing, Video, Augmented and Virtual Reality projects across five countries and twenty-five distinct industries.

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Stephen Wright

Visual Effects Manager

Stephen Wright is Oncor’s VFX Manager in charge of visual effects and computer generated assets and animation.

Stephen is not only highly qualified in Advanced 3D Modelling, Animation, Lighting and Rendering, he has impressive professional experience in the creative broadcast media, having worked on international TV releases as Outlander and several major motion pictures.

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Nic Gordon

Film Production Manager

Nic is Oncor’s head of film production and editing.

With an impressive pedigree in both online and live production, Nic combines cutting edge knowledge of web and social media viewing patterns with extensive experience in stage production, lighting and even live music performance.

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