Integrated Energy Systems

The Situation:

Integrated Energy Systems required planning for solar panel installation and a roof condition assessment without the need for cranes, scaffolding or other elevated work platforms.

The Solution:

Oncor Reality were able to scan the entire area from the air using UAV Drones (having first organised permissions, surveyed and planned around ground traffic and cleared flights within the local airspace). The scanning took less than half a day and created minimal disruption to the workspace and neighbours.

From the large volume of footage captured, Oncor then created a detailed 3D model suitable for remote close inspection and Solar Installation Planning.

The Result:

Within a week IES had a fully navigable photorealistic 3D model of their building and surrounding area where specialists, surveyors and solar planners from anywhere in the world could effectively assess and plan the solar installation work and roof clearing and repair work required. The editable model was suitable for incorporation into a BIM workflow, and allowed users to remove and add buildings from the accurately rendered local topography.

This took a fraction of the time and cost of traditional elevated surface assessment and planning methods.

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